Now that’s what I call the small hours!

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I refer to the letter from Nick Holland re queuing for tickets for the public dress rehearsal of Oliver! at the Crucible Theatre.

I don’t know what passes for the small hours in Birdwell but I joined the queue at 8.30am by the loading bay opposite the United Reform Church and just over three and a half hours later was well inside the building out of the “gale” .

I too came away empty- handed but for the chance of a ticket worth at least £17 for £1 I thought it was worth it. The queue wouldn’t have started moving until 10am, this being the advertised time of selling. It follows then that if Mr Holland had been in the queue from “the small hours” and in he would have been well inside the building and may well have been successful. A staff member said the first people there were there at 6.30am. That’s the small hours.

Ian Hall