Now it’s their turn to worry

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HOUSE burglary is a terrible crime to fall victim to.

Not only do those who suffer this fate lose their valuables and personal possessions, they also feel a violation that often means they never feel secure in that home again.

Those who carry out this crime deserve to feel something of that insecurity themselves - and hopefully now they will.

South Yorkshire Police have given a clear message to the house breakers that it is they who should now feel anxious in their own homes.

The figures that have prompted this police action are worrying, with a large increase in domestic burglaries across the county from last year.

But the figures also point to what we, as householders, can do to help.

Of the 82 burglaries carried out last week in South Yorkshire 31 were at homes where doors and windows had been left open.

So let’s do our bit to back this initiative by not making it easy for burglars by locking up before we leave the house.

Hopefully the police can keep up their end of the bargain by taking some of these low-lives off our streets.

Stagecoach needs to rethink policy

WHAT an absolute mess Stagecoach has got itself into over new tests to accommodate mobility scooters on its buses and trams.

Public transport operators have signed a new code requiring all mobility scooters to have a permit to ensure they meet safety requirements when boarding buses and trams.

But what a blanket test means that if a scooter is too big for a bus then the driver will not be allowed to board a tram either.

That has effectively taken the ability to use any public transport away from a group of people who probably rely on it most to get around.

Stagecoach needs to think again and come up with a more flexible test that allows scooters to access their services.

Go with the flow

IF you buy a city centre property, you benefit from being at the heart of the action.

Every restaurant, bar and entertainment venue is on your doorestep. And with them come noise. If you don’t want that, why buy a city centre property in the first place?

This is why we have little sympathy with the residents of West One and their protest over late licence applications by bars. Such things go with the territory.