Now is the time for Matt justice

Dignified: David Cryer. '              picture: STEVE PARKIN
Dignified: David Cryer. ' picture: STEVE PARKIN
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LIKE the Greek national debt, David Cryer’s blood pressure is getting steadily higher.

There’s little wonder.

It’s not all that unusual for men of 47 to suffer from what the medics refer to as hypertension.

But Dave’s condition is aggravated – and every day that passes it gets a little worse.

It’s nothing to do with diet, drink or smoking.

And it’s not something that can be cured by prescription drugs.

With him it’s all down to something so irksome and outrageous it would try the patience of a saint never mind leave them with rising blood pressure.

And it’s something that, like the Euro crisis, is caused by the authorities in Greece.

It’s difficult to believe that almost four years have passed since David, his family and their many friends started a campaign.

That campaign, which is backed by The Star, calls for justice.

Justice for their son Matt who died on the Greek holiday island of Zante,

Just 17-years of age he died alone at the foot of a flight of stairs outside a nightclub.

He died in agony as police stood by smoking cigarettes.

At the time, the Greek authorities claimed he died because he did what so many young Brits abroad are often accused of doing.

Matt, they said, drank himself into such a stupor then he choked on his own vomit.

It was a lie. That lie was exposed at an inquest back in the UK when the coroner concluded Matthew had been unlawfully killed.

The inquest was told he had gone to Greece to relax after completing a college course. He’d worked in his spare time at a Burger King branch in Sheffield to fund the trip.

A Wednesdayite from Killamarsh who grew up in Frecheville, he died outside the Cocktails and Dreams nightclub in Laganas.

Post-mortem examinations found him to have 20 separate injuries and massive bruising was found on his body. Witnesses described at his inquest how Matt had been beaten and violently thrown on to the street by doormen.

Policemen at the scene didn’t even try to resuscitate him.

And then, when he sadly died, they lied about the fall which they knew was a push. The truth was now out and Matt’s family were naturally outraged to learn the horrible truth.

Four years on, and despite the fact that the bouncers on duty that night have now been identified, no-one has yet been held responsible.

Matt’s family have kept their fight for justice in the public eye by organising events and peaceful protests. They have been dignified and calm. Never once have they shown the inner anger that must be eating away at them.

Instead of looking for revenge they have enlisted the help of the British Police, the Foreign Office as well as local and European MPs.

This week PM David Cameron joined their campaign. He sympathised with the family’s plight but explained there was little he could do to force the plodding Greek legal system into action.

In the meantime David’s blood pressure continues to rise. Surely someone somewhere can force the Greeks to prescribe the justice so this proud, dignified Sheffield family can at last find closure.