Now for some good news

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Readers may have noticed a few recent headlines which contradict recent doom-and-gloom predictions of certain Labour politicians.

Thanks to the Lib Dem administration the New Retail Quarter will go ahead and the market relocation to the Moor has also been confirmed.

These projects are critical to the future of the city, bringing shoppers that we had lost back to the centre.

This investment will encourage business growth and bring new jobs.

In the meantime, the council has welcomed a number of new private sector jobs to the city. Sky have announced 500 jobs and VOICE marketing another 400. Alongside this, we have delivered a budget which seeks to protect the front line, avoiding closures and minimising job losses.

While projects like these are cancelled in other cities, Sheffield attracts investment. While other cities struggle, Sheffield bucks the trend!

Coun David Baker, Lib Dem Deputy Leader of the Council