Notorious gang taunted police with abusive flag over Mexborough

Daniel Jung was convicted of drugs offences in Mexborough at Sheffield Crown CourtDaniel Jung was convicted of drugs offences in Mexborough at Sheffield Crown Court
Daniel Jung was convicted of drugs offences in Mexborough at Sheffield Crown Court
Notorious gang members hoisted a black flag on a Mexborough lampost taunting the police, a court heard.

The flag with a gesturing middle finger bore the Pitsmoor Shotta Boys initials and an abusive message to the police.

This was revealed as a PSB gang member, 19-year-old Daniel Jung, was jailed for 40 months. Details of the grip the gang has on the Schofield Street area were revealed at Sheffield Crown Court.

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A police report said there have been 41 incidents of anti-social behaviour and 77 threats to public safety in the area since January 2014.

There were 50 crimes in the Schofield Street area and all households in the street suffered some form of anti-social behaviour this year.

“In reality we know the picture is much worse due to the residents’ reluctance to call police and intimidation,” says Insp Gwyn Thomas.

Vandalism and street drinking have been prevalent, with large groups of youths wearing hoodies and scarves harassing local people. Some residents had adopted a negative attitude to the police and sympathised with the gang.

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PSB gang members, who wear a tattoo on the backs of their hands, were said to be involved in dealing drugs with links to Sheffield. The ringleader has no job or benefits with a lifestyle funded by drug-dealing and crime.

“They do all in their power to disrupt partnership initiatives to improve community cohesion,” said Insp Thomas.

Jung, of no fixed address, admitted two offences of possessing crack cocaine and heroin with intent to supply.

He was arrested in Maple Road after a two-minute chase at 9.10am on May 20 after police spotted him about to deal in the town.

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He threw two Kinder Egg cartons away, one containing 35 wraps of crack cocaine and the other 10 wraps of heroin, said Neil Coxon, prosecuting.

Later, at the police station, Jung’s mobile rang. Police answered and a male voice asked: “Can I have one of each?”

Jung told police he dabbled in heroin but took ‘spice’ on a daily basis and sometimes diazepam. He had a PSB tattoo on his arm.

Richard Adams, defending, said he disputed prosecution claims Jung was involved with the gang’s wider activities in Mexborough.

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He was homeless at the time and had a drug problem for the previous three years. He had left home at 16 and was reliant on friends.

He was a ‘street runner’ exploited by bigger players in the drugs world and had not made any money out of it, only being provided with meals and a roof over his head.

But Recorder David Dixon told Jung: “You are involved in a gang whose main aim is to make money.”

He accepted Jung was ‘terrified’ of being jailed but did not accept he was under pressure or coerced into dealing.

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