‘Nothing wrong’ at Sheffield complex two days before death fall

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The caretaker of a Sheffield block of flats where a toddler fell to her death said everything was fine two days beforehand.

Sheffield Crown Court heard Robert Warner, aged 45, told detectives he did not notice any missing glass panels at the North Bank apartments, off the Wicker, when he checked the site on Monday, June 25, 2012.

Two-year-old Ryaheen Banimuslem plunged to her death two days later,while playing ‘tig’ with her brother, because a glass panel on a walkway around the building was missing.

Part-time caretaker Warner, of Shirehall Crescent, Shiregreen, denies manslaughter by gross negligence.

Yesterday, Detective Sergeant John Fitzgibbons was asked to read Warner’s police interview to jurors in his trial

In it, Warner told officers he visited the flats two days before Ryaheen died, to carry out some jobs for building management company Arim, for whom he worked as a subcontractor.

He said he went up to the fourth-floor garden, where he spent two hours cutting the grass and doing a litter pick.

Warner said he picked up cans and paper on the walkway, about six to eight feet from the end of it, and ‘didn’t notice’ anything wrong.

He told police he knew the basics in health and safety from a previous job in demolition, but had not received any training from Arim.

The trial continues.