Not so brilliant service from First

S Colins

Wednesday, 3rd October 2018, 7:20 am
Updated Wednesday, 3rd October 2018, 7:28 am
First buses

Sheffield, S5

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Here's today's 'Tear your hair out' transport riddle. The number 75 bus to Shiregreen departs from Firth Park and goes on Bellhouse Road, turns towards Beck Road at its junction with the lower end of Sicey Avenue, and then follows Hartley Brook Road before turning up Gregg House Road and joining the top end of Sicey Avenue. In short, it loops around the estate. Stay with me, it gets better.

Today I went out for a bus just before 1pm, and waited at the bus stop at the bottom of Gregg House Road. The bus didn't arrive and I had to wait 15 minutes for the next one. The bus I was on went up Gregg House Road to the top end of Sicey Avenue, that's two stops and about two minutes drive. Lo and behold on Sicey Avenue there's another 75 bus picking up passengers. The riddle is, how did the other bus manage to be two minutes ahead of mine, when I had been stood at my bus stop for 15 minutes, and the bus hadn't passed me? Perhaps The Great Suprendo waved his magic wand and whisked the bus onto Sicey Avenue? 

 I am guessing that the bus followed Bellhouse Road, and then turned up Sicey Avenue from its bottom end, thus not venturing onto half the estate. That's good, brilliant, customer service by First Buses. People are stood at bus stops waiting for a bus that's only half completed the loop before taking a short cut back to Firth Park. Strangely, a similar scenario happened a few weeks ago. I assume that either someone in the First control room is diverting the bus, or the driver is taking it upon himself to take the shorter, perhaps more scenic, route. Either way, it's not much use to the people who are waiting for a bus that's never going to arrive.  Fortunately, I managed to arrive at the Hallamshire Hospital with three minutes to spare before my appointment. Thanks First, brilliant service.