This is not a new problem

Perhaps it is because we have great sympathy for people like Mr S Pearson who have to attend Weston Park that those of us who frequently travel up Weston Bank do not complain more often about the hold-ups caused by cars queuing to enter the hospital car park.

Tuesday, 17th May 2016, 6:26 am
Updated Tuesday, 17th May 2016, 7:31 am
Weston Park Hospital

It is surprising that he seems happy to spend 20 or 25 minutes every day breathing in car fumes and even more surprising that the hospital is unconcerned about such pollution affecting patients and other members of the public.

Mr Pearson is wrong in thinking that the problem is being caused by drivers not paying attention. While regular users of this route are prepared, strangers have no idea that vehicles are blocking the inside lane while waiting for a car parking space and assume they are in a “normal” traffic queue.

It is not a big problem when there are two or three cars but once they start to queue up to, and not infrequently beyond, Northumberland Road it is impossible to pass this queue of traffic. He says there is a car park attendant to ensure that as one car comes out another goes in, but surely this is the normal process for a car park and the attendant would be far better employed controlling traffic on the road.

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This problem has been going on for years, so is nothing to do with the other roadworks. There have been occasions when the hold-up extends right down to Brook Hill roundabout and then blocks the ring road and yet I have never seen police or traffic wardens taking any action and the hospital seems to take no responsibility.

Many times buses are held up and we can thank people like Mr Pearson for the 51 bus service being so erratic – maybe that is the reason he comes by car rather than use the bus.


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