Not moaners, but protestors

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I DON’T know where AT, Sheffield (Jan 22) lives but obviously she hasn’t had a problem with public transport in her area.

Wincobank folk aren’t the biggest moaners, we have have a very serious problem with public transport. First has again changed its mind/or had a re-think or actually saw the petitions we sent.

There are supposed to be improvements to our services in March. We shall see.

KY Hopkin, (not a Moaner)

DOES Mrs AT know what it’s like to wait long periods for a bus, which often doesn’t turn up? People at Meadowhall waiting for a bus to pick children up from Wincobank school, students trying to get to college, people with hospital appointments. They all have problems, we now get two buses together. I expect Mrs AT has a car or lives on the 52 route. We are not moaners, but protesters.

Angry residents, Wincobank

PAM at Wincobank says only one bus goes to Firth Park every 30 minutes. The 45, as well as the 46, goes past Firth Park stopping at Stubbin Lane, a two-minute walk to the shops.

Mrs AT, Sheffield.