Not for sale

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I see that Graves Park is under threat again. This environmentally destructive Labour council is planning to sell Cobnar Cottage which stands in the park, and therefore is part of the park, the whole of which is not legally for sale.

The previous Labour council tried it a few years ago when they tried to destroy the Norton Nurseries for St Luke’s.

This council is trying to break the covenant which protects the whole of Graves Park which belongs to the people of Sheffield.

Once the covenant is broken nothing will stop this council from selling off parts of our park for development.

Since being in office the Labour council have destroyed the important butterfly meadow in Bowden Bowstead Woods, which supported various wild flowers and wildlife, and cut down 35,000 mature trees.

They are unfit to deal with anything to protect our parks and open spaces.

With the coming elections I hope people who care about parks and woodlands will vote this council out of office for good.

Margaret Dunston

Helmton Road, Woodseats, S8