Not fit for purpose

On February 8 I wrote a letter to the Star concerning the problem with the workmanship on Knowle Lane.

Thursday, 9th March 2017, 6:04 am
Updated Friday, 24th March 2017, 10:08 am

At the time I asked other readers to write to the Star with their comments about other roads suffering with the same problem.

I also asked if Amey had a quality control manager.

Looking at your story in the Star, March 7 they don’t for one reason or another.

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One of your readers also made a sarcastic remark regarding my original letter.

He may now like to eat his words, because I was correct.

In my opinion Amey are not fit for purpose. It’s about time SCC got rid of them before we are bankrupt.

Fulwood Road outside Tesco is suffering from the same problem.



SCC should be ashamed

So, city council contractors Amey have five months to finish the five-year blitz on Sheffield.

Well good luck with that as they cannot even finish a simple footpath job.

Two Saturday mornings running, we have been rudely awoken at 7am by sub-contractors opposite our house, including five vehicles, one concrete lorry, one mechanical shovel and several workmen shouting.

All this just to lay a few edging stones on the footpath, but even worse is all the disgusting mess they have left including heaps of mud and rubble where once were the grass verges.

They don’t even bother to sweep up, they leave that to us council tax payers, then move on somewhere else to create even more mayhem.

Sheffield city councillors should hang there heads in shame.

Bill Beal

Elm Lane, Sheffield 5

Mobile scooters

People on mobile scooters think the pavement belongs to them.

They don’t ever stop to let people pass.

They also ride on the roads without insurance or a licence.

When they buy a scooter they should have to take out insurance.

Name and address supplied

by email

Thanks to Tesco

I would like to thank all the staff at Tesco on Infirmary Road.

I am a disabled person and walk with the aid of two sticks.

All of the staff on the checkout and in the car park go out of their way to help in any way they can.

I don’t recall all of their names, but from James on the door to Ken in the car park, thank you so much for all the help and kindness you show.

They deserve all the credit they get and make it a pleasure to shop there.

B Hall


Sheffield is our home

1988 was a momentous year.

We emigrated from Birmingham to Sheffield and love calling Sheffield our home.

When we moved up we didn’t realise how friendly it would be saying hello to everyone you pass in the street and waiting at the bus and tram stops.

We might have funny accents but Sheffield is our home.

Ann Yates

by email

Joined-up heritage

It would be inappropriate for myself or anyone else to further speculate or discuss specific concerns about the future of Carbrook Hall, without opening a dialogue with its new owners.

Those individuals, like myself, with an interest in this long bypassed piece of Sheffield history, need to come together, I think.

That’s what ‘joined-up heritage’ means to me.

Ron Clayton


It’s a real eyesore

Aat the Hillsborough Park tram stop there is an empty shop, (been empty for years), called Brownhills Electricals, it is a disgrace. I’ve been to my local councillor a number of times to ask if it could at least be boarded up.

It’s a real eyesore.



What about graffiti?

Why is the council not doing anything about graffiti?

It is all over Sheffield, but we have all these cameras.

It’s the same with the police, the only time you see them is Saturday match days.

Jack Tomkins


I wait with bated breath

The letter by Theresa May in the Star, March 6, sounds very encouraging about industry in Sheffield for the future. But, we have heard all this before.

From Margaret Thatcher, (say no more), through various prime ministers to David Cameron. He made promises but did not deliver.

Theresa May wants Sheffield to be brought up to the same standard as London and the south east.

She must now do her part for Sheffield and this time deliver.

It is last-chance saloon. I wait with bated breath.

Eddie Peart

Broom Crescent, Rotherham, S60

We deserve nothing less

I was very pleased to see the letter under the signature of the Prime Minister Theresa May in the Star, (Monday, March 6), commending the developments in Sheffield and South Yorkshire.

In fact, one of her researchers needs commendation as they drew directly from the two reports published in mid-February, and which highlighted exactly the positive improvements and future investment initiatives which we are proud to sing about. In the State of Sheffield report and later in the same week the Vision Strategy for the Sheffield City Region, the hopes and aspirations of the future spelt out in the Prime Minister’s letter, were detailed and in this newspaper, celebrated.

Let us hope that central government will now put the investment in resources we need to back up the strategies that have been carefully developed and which hopefully will provide the broader Sheffield City Region with the capacity to deliver on the ground. The people of our area deserve nothing less.

David Blunkett

Chair Sheffield City Partnership Board

Donating is my choice

For the second time this week I have paid for something where the change has been a couple of pence. As I have put my hand out for my receipt and my copper the assistant has said shall I put the 2p in the charity box?

Yes that’s fine, put it in, but isn’t that my choice? I shouldn’t have to be asked if I am donating.

Jayne Grayson