Not a word on tax avoidance

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Class war, generation war, war against women, war between the regions: George Osborne blatantly declares that the gloves are off and the nasty party, backed by the Lib Dems, bares its teeth.

Every hit fell on those with less, not more. The poorest bore 16% of the brunt of new cuts and the richest only 3%.

There was no mansion tax on high-value properties, though owners don’t even pay their fair share of council tax. Worse, two-thirds of properties worth more than £1m now change hands while avoiding stamp duty, by using offshore accounts. But not a word passed Osborne’s lips on tax avoidance and evasion. Another 12,000 tax collectors are losing their jobs while £25bn is evaded and £70bn avoided.

Coun Terry Fox

I would never abandon my pet

it’s heartbreaking to read of abandoned dogs that are being destroyed every year (Nov 22).

I am a proud dog owner which is so rewarding, but I know it brings a lot of expense. Having said that I would never abandon my pet as he is part of our family and my responsibility.

I can’t believe people still treat animals so badly. Look at all the dogs that are used to help us: guide and support dogs, dogs that help to detect bombs in war zones, rescue dogs that come to our aid after earthquakes searching for survivors. If we were in such circumstances we’d be more than happy to see a dog come to our rescue.

I also feel sorry for vets who have to destroy healthy dogs. This should not have to be part of their job. They trained to help animals, not to end their lives.

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