Norweigan killer bought tool to make poison-tipped bullets from a Sheffield trader

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A SHEFFIELD-based eBay business unwittingly supplied Norwegian serial killer Anders Breivik with a tool to help him make poison-tipped bullets.

Tool Timez, which sells tools via the internet auction site, sold the mass murderer a 65mm drill press vice for £12 in December.

Self-styled ‘Knight Templar’ Breivik, who was on a ‘crusade’ against multiculturalism, killed 77 people in a bomb attack on Oslo and a shooting spree at a gathering of youth politicians on Utoya Island.

In an account of his activities found by police, Breivik described his purchase from Tool Timez, made last December: “This item will hold the cartridge in place while I drill a portion of the lead core out of the bullet.”

Breivik poisoned his bullets with pure nicotine. Police are waiting for toxicology test results to see whether the bullets were used to kill his victims.

The owner of Tool Timez, who declined to give his name, said: “It’s very shocking. My heart is pumping.

“To think that my hands were on an item that was then parcelled up and sent to him — it’s very disturbing.”

Breivik purchased a range of tools and armanments using eBay traders worldwide, including the UK.

He detailed how he had planned the mass murder and acquired parts and equipment in a 1,500-page ‘manifesto’.

Breivik wrote: “eBay is your friend.”

He made purchases over seven months, with one of the chemicals used in the bomb he planted in central Oslo also coming from a British trader.

It has also been revealed that Breivik, aged 32, bought a chemical suit, which he wore while mixing chemicals for his bomb, from a British man based in the United States.

He used his eBay account to buy 500lb of sulphur, used in bomb-making, from a trader in north London.

Breivik’s British links are being investigated by police through the Scotland Yard Counter Terrorism Command.