Northamptonshire Police issue alcohol warning to travelling Sheffield United fans

Police stock image
Police stock image
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Northamptonshire Police have warned travelling Sheffield United fans that they may have their alcohol confiscated from them.

Police have reminded travelling fans that there is a Designated Public Places Order (DPPO) in place in Northampton.

The DPPO order means that police officers, PCSOs and wardens have the power to stop and surrender their alcohol "for disposal".

Officers can do this if the person drinking in a public place if it associated with anti social behaviour.

Police have warned fans that failure to comply with the request could lead to their arrest and a fine of up to £500.

DPPO's are used to reduce alcohol related violent crime and anti-social behaviour but police stressed that it is not a blanket ban on drinking outdoors.

Police said if people surrender their alcohol when asked and stop behaving in an anti social manner then no further action would be taken.

However, they warned that people who fail to do so or continue acting in an anti social manner could be prosecuted for a Public Order Offence, arrested and if convicted fined up to a maximum £500 or issued with an £80 fixed penalty notice.