North of Sheffield the forgotten land

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The meeting with the Fairness Commission was an eye-opener which gave people from all areas and walks of life a chance to put in their twopenneth.

Two days later we read how Chesterfield scored highly in the occupied shops league.

Chesterfield is a good place to shop when you consider its layout from the market and on the main street, but it didn’t just happen overnight.

I was a native from Sheepbridge, Chesterfield and watched as Sheepbridge works closed down and the area fought back by reducing rents and helping factories from Sheffield to resettle on the trading estate.

Sheffield lost a huge amount to Chesterfield , Barnsley, Rotherham and Wath.

If we compare the situation with today we are looking at the Enterprise Zones south of Sheffield being given every assistance to move forward whist the north side of the city has been decimated over the years by the introduction of the M1 and not enough thought or care given to access the motorway.

You can see the difference with Junction 30 and how 29a Skinner Junction is helping the area.

Compare this with J35, the Smithy Wood Coking plant and the money given by Objective One to develop the site and provide work for the people north of the city.

Did it do this? No, the site is still mothballed. Money should be found to do what they said they were going to do by linking up the road network from J34 to J35 make the access from Station Lane, Ecclesfield on to the motorway from that direction instead of all the traffic heading to the south of the city.

Improve the Butterthwaite Lane area posssibly by putting a train statation there.

Money will be found to get the high speed bus link under the Tinsley viaduct but that does nothing for Brightside and Shiregreen.

North of Sheffield is the forgotten land, an area which once boasted pride and full employment but now relies on handouts from the state who did its best to destroy the manufacturing base in Sheffield then expects the young to find jobs that are not there.

F Hardy