Non-PC opinion

Wednesday, October 26 must have been a particularly slow day for contributions towards '˜Your Say' considering the lead and featured letter that day was yet another fact- and context-free missive from your Hoyland correspondent.

Thursday, 3rd November 2016, 6:19 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 2:54 pm

Indeed, one wonders what sort of mindset considers it a useful application of time and effort to allow itself to be used as an echo chamber for a tabloid comic, which passes itself off as a ‘newspaper’, berating someone for having the temerity to not only refuse to join in with an ignorant hate fest but to also actually express an opinion contrary to the political correctness represented here by Mr Palmer.

It is quite extraordinary to see certain individuals getting agitated and indignent over the expression of basic human empathy towards others which contrasts sharply with their own expressed attitudes of publicly calling for someone to lose their job for doing so.

Clearly, in the world which Mr Palmer, amongst others, wishes to inhabit only those who express an opinion congruent with their own should be allowed free expression.

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It is also interesting to note that Mr Palmer re-parrots the weasel worded suggestion that “He (Gary Lineker) also sent a message suggesting that a child migrant, whose age had been questioned, was actually a Home Office interpreter” to suggest that Lineker was lying without telling us the actual message and its context – which was in fact a sarcastic “wow! Surely not?” to the idea that this ‘newspaper’ had actually got something right when reporting that suggestions that it was an interpreter were incorrect.

In the wider context of Mr Palmer’s rebroadcasting of an opinion he got from a tabloid ‘newspaper’ not known for its grasp on basic reality rather than thinking things through using his own cognitive resources, there exist a plethora of valid reasons for criticising the BBC.

However, trying to figuratively beat them over the head because a freelance broadcaster who is not one of their employees has used his own private twitter account to express a perfectly valid and free opinion as a citizen who also lives in this country is not even on the list. The fact that Mr Palmer believes otherwise in this context tells us a great deal more about Mr Palmer and those who take a similar position than it does about Mr Lineker or the BBC.”

Mr Dave Hansell

Stocksbridge, S36