Noisy tenant who broke her promise to keep quiet narrowly escapes jail

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A TENANT who made a promise to the court that she would not make excessive noise by playing loud music in her Sheffield council house has narrowly escaped prison after breaching the undertaking more than 30 times.

Katie Hunt, aged 27, of Lingfoot Crescent, Jordanthorpe, made a commitment to Sheffield County Court in August last year that she would not make excessive noise by playing loud music after previous complaints from neighbours in the area.

An undertaking is a promise made to the court, breach of which is punishable by fine, jail sentence or both.

But, despite agreeing to the undertaking, the problem continued and Sheffield Council said it received dozens of further complaints from neighbours of excessively loud music coming from Hunt’s property.

The council’s Environmental Protection Team installed noise monitoring equipment and confirmed excessive loud music was being played which was disturbing neighbours.

Sheffield Homes and Sheffield Council made an application to Sheffield County Court for Hunt’s committal to prison, alleging 33 breaches of the undertaking she had previously made to the court.

Hunt attended court and admitted all 33 breaches to Judge John Bullimore.

Because Hunt had already left the property and had agreed that she had given up the tenancy, the court decided to impose no sentence against her for the breaches of the undertaking.

But she was ordered to pay the council’s costs of £1,634.60.

Coun Harry Harpham, Sheffield Council cabinet member for housing, said: “Katie Hunt clearly had no intention of stopping her nuisance behaviour and didn’t care about the impact on her neighbours’ lives.

“She has proven she cannot or will not agree to the tenancy conditions that spell out what tenants can expect from us and what we expect from them, and has now lost her home and narrowly escaped a custodial sentence.”