Nobody threw money at us

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AS chair of Manor Assembly, I take issue over obvious Lib Dem supporters who use your columns to dismiss the fact this city has a most serious economic divide.

Their frequent references to the previous Labour administration throwing taxpayers’ money at favoured areas is a complete lie.

Nobody threw money at the Manor Castle ward; any public money spent in the ward was fully justified and legally accounted for.

Numerous independent surveys indicated a need for additional support for the most deprived areas. The present Lib Dem council choose, as they put it, to treat each ward fairly by giving the same amount of money to each ward, irrespective of how wealthy the area was.

If that is what the Lib Dems regard as fair, where electoral wards with a number of rich residents are treated the same as those who, on every count are very poor, then it tells us everything about them.

Ken Curran, S2