No wonder women are getting shirty

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Is the foot-fall of fey fellas deeply in touch with their inner fashionista running a bit low at Topman?

A short-sighted attempt to reel in a batch of bone-head misogynists is the only reason I can think of for their decision to introduce a new line in statement T-shirts emblazoned with slogans highly offensive to women.

Philip Green’s retail dream team surely could not have found anything remotely funny about the woman-bashing slogans.

Let’s see if you ROFL...

One featured the words: I’m so sorry, but...” followed by a list of tickbox excuses ranging from “you provoked me” to “I was having a bad day” and “I was drunk.”

Call me over-sensitive, but I don’t think the answers were referring to a chap’s refusal to do the washing up.

Do you?

Another nasty example of chauvinism-branded chest candy read: “Nice new girlfriend. What breed is she?”

T-shirts insinuating women are no better than animals might go down well with men so boorish and ignorant they don’t stand a cat in hell’s chance of ever having a girlfriend, I suppose. But are they really the customers Topman want to attract?

The store has swiftly withdrawn what it says they had viewed merely as fun fashion items, rather than opportunities for chauvinistic Orks to get something nasty on their chests.

And the company has apologised. But is that good enough?

All the offended girlfriends, mothers and sisters who shop at Topshop ought to stage a boy-cott.