No wonder there are more cars on roads

city centre buses
city centre buses
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I just wanted to let you know about my experiences on the Castleton to Sheffield 271/272 service.

I live in Bradwell and used the bus to get home from Sheffield last Wednesday, my first experience of the new timetable. I waited at the bus station for the 13.40 and the bus was 20 minutes late, no explanation as to why. Some people waiting said the earlier bus hadn’t arrived. These buses are only every hour at best and the journey to Bradwell takes an hour so if there’s one missing then it’s another hour on an already long journey.

I caught the bus both ways on Friday. I caught the 9.25 to Sheffield, due to traffic and the number of pick-ups it makes on the new route, it was late getting in so I was late for my 10.30 appointment. I intended to catch the 14.40 return bus, however, the timetable shows that this no longer does the Bradwell loop but goes straight on to Castleton. Rather than face a 1.5-mile walk along a narrow main road with no pavements, while carrying shopping bags, I decided to get the earlier bus at 13.40, thus cutting short my trip out. This bus didn’t turn up. I waited at the bus station with another resident of Bradwell for over an hour. I could have cried with frustration.

Of course the next bus was the one I didn’t want to catch as it doesn’t go to Bradwell. When we got on I had to plead with the driver to go to Bradwell. Eventually he agreed to do this after phoning for permission. Along the way we picked up several people going to Bradwell, mostly elderly, including a woman who’d been waiting for over an hour on Ecclesall Road South, also elderly. What would these old folks have done if the bus had dropped them off at Brough as it would have done?

Why has First decided to cut Bradwell out on the 14.40 run? How much time/money is it hoping to save by doing this? Or is this a trial before introducing more cuts? A lot of people, myself included, rely on this bus. Bearing in mind that the return fare to Sheffield costs £6 is it too much to ask for the bus to return you to your starting point? I have complained to First for the missing bus and the changes to the timetable. They have wasted a lot of my time this week and caused me a lot of stress.

Incidentally, the Hope Valley did not receive any forward notice of the changes or any consultation.

Has anyone noticed how many more cars there are on the roads in Sheffield? Is there any wonder?

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