No way to run a public service

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For 18 months, SYPTE has failed to face up to the impending financial crisis and continued to recruit more and more management and support service people during this period.

Now it is panicking that its budgets won’t balance and has advised the Transport Authority that 30 to 40 redundancies are necessary from a workforce of 400.

The logical course of a good employer with Investors in People accreditation would be to seek this through early retirement, voluntary redundancy and natural wastage. Not SYPTE, it realises that by making compulsory redundancies in groups of less than 20 it can do this on the (cheap) statutory minimum terms and, worse, it is not the enormous support service teams or tiers of management which are to bear the brunt. It is frontline staff. This is no way to run an important public sector organisation.

Sally Turner, Sheffield