No surprise over ballot controversy

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I am not surprised that there is controversy surrounding the ballot for the choice of Sheffield Homes/council for housing.

I voted for housing to return to the council not in some naive belief that the council, that had manipulated tenants for so long, had suddenly changed its spots but in the hope that we would, one day soon, be run by a Government rejecting the privatisation of public services and by totally committed local councillors freed from the whims of unelected officers who have nothing to lose at the ballot box.

Smoke and mirrors springs to mind with regards to the council and many attending meetings have long learned to tread warily, weighing up every word and taking some with a pinch of salt.

History and the headline in The Star 16.11.2012 ‘Were 42.000 tenants misled?’ proves the wisdom of this approach.

Maybe Cllr Harry Harpham will be good enough to give a full and honest response to the article and allay tenants’ fears.

In a report from an ALMO Federation meeting in 2000 it was stated that there would be no capital receipt on transfer of houses from an ALMO to a Housing Association.

Will he, therefore, publicly reassure tenants that offering the choice of bringing back the houses ‘in-house’ was not with this in mind and that the council has no intention of transferring remaining stock which has increased in value, making it more viable than at the time of the original stock transfer attempt.

Mary Steele, Deerlands Ave

Parson Cross Sheffield S5