No singing at Lane wanted

EB Warris seems to think plans for Bramall Lane, which would put another few million in McCabe's coffers, plus increased rent for the football club is a good thing.

Monday, 15th May 2017, 6:35 am
Updated Monday, 15th May 2017, 8:36 am

It is very doubtful that plans for the manager will include a large increase in funds unless the 10 bob prince puts the other 10 bob in, which was promised a few years ago now.

It also remains to be seen if Wilder can succeed in the Championship having no experience of a division with some very good teams in it.

The writer of the “Why pick on Blades?” letter seems a bit confused, mixing me up with references to Chesterfield. No idea what that was all about but I am very sad to see their demise and hope they go straight back up.

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Finally, McSue, sorry McCabe did say the Owls band, employed for England matches could cause structural problems due to too much bouncing, chanting and singing! We don’t want any of that at the Lane do we? WAWAW.

Peter G

by email

The future looks bright

While those in the know await the decision on whether Carbrook Hall will become an ‘asset of community value’ by chance I pick up a volume called unsurprisingly Sheffield Pubs.

It has an interesting section on Carbrook Hall and while I don’t echo the rather rosy glow it paints, in some respects I do recognise the aptness of the observation ‘it is like being transported back hundreds of years’.

Hopefully, the future looks bright for a hostelry such as this with the economic resurgence of business in the immediate area and the huge numbers of visitors to events, activities and retail leisure’.

Ron Clayton


The empty council flats

It was interesting to read in The Star, May 10, about all the empty council houses in Sheffield.

I wonder if the number quoted includes all the ‘giro drop’ properties. Those are mainly flats and maisonettes which are left empty with closed curtains and the minimum of furniture in, while the supposed tenant is living elsewhere with their partner but has a separate address to obtain more benefits. It’s time something was done about it.



Know what you wish for

BC has used his reply to my letter as an excuse to express his Brexit hopes without actually answering my point.

I merely pointed out that many disturbing aspects are already emerging on a daily basis which neither Brexit voters nor anyone else predicted.

At this early stage it is clear that hopes and dreams of ‘leave’ voters may never come to pass.

If the complexities of leaving the EU are so obvious, why will Teresa May spend the next two years discussing while BC has all the answers?

Until we have actually left, can I suggest that all correspondents refer to the EU as “we” or “us” instead of “they “ or “them”.

The EU is not a dictatorship, it is another tier of government in which we have elected representatives.


by email

Brought back memories

What a lovely picture of St Thomas Church, Crookes, sent in by John Beardshaw. It brought back memories of my wedding to my loving husband of 55 years.

It looks as good now as it did then.

If only he could recognise it now, but he can’t, he has got dementia, and we have lost the things that were important in our lives.

Brenda Wilkinson


New street name

The City Council or its agent Amey erected a new road name sign at the junction of Townend Street at Crookes with Springvale Road which read Townsend Street.

Perhaps they would like the extra S back, as having lived in this road for the past 74 years, I and my neighbours were completely satisfied with the the previous name which has been in use for over 150 years.

David Vere

Townend Street, Sheffield, S10

Who puts the bins out?

I think the One Show with Theresa May was a complete waste of time.

The presenters on the show are no Paxo, so there was no questions about policy or anything that might cause Mrs May to quake in her delightful designer shoes.

All we got was her and hubby talking about his and her jobs at home and that it was love at first sight.

She agreed to this interview, she should have been asked about the running of the country not who puts the bins out.

Jayne Grayson

by email

Free Vote on Hunting Act

Oscar Wilde described fox hunting as “the unspeakable chasing the uneatable” – a sentiment that, 12 years after the Hunting Act came into force, continues to reflect the views of British public, 84 per cent of whom find the idea of frightened foxes being torn to shreds by packs of hounds deeply offensive.

Theresa May’s intention to exploit the unbalanced political picture in Britain to subvert the wishes of the majority for the sick, (and sickening), amusement of a minority who enjoy terrorising and killing animals is blatant opportunism.

We expect those in positions of power to protect the most vulnerable and helpless, not bully and destroy them.

Blood sports of any kind have no place in modern Britain, something Mrs May will quickly come to understand if she persists in her attempt to repeal the very popular hunting ban.

Elisa Allen

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

Well done to everyone

Congratulations to all those involved in the multi-million pound “Deal of the Decade” to establish the new HSBC city centre offices.

I understand the new offices will be sited where the former Grosvenor House Hotel once stood, a prime city centre location.

Looking down on Charter Row (the site) on a recent visit to the new Light Cinema complex on The Moor, I could imagine how futuristic a modern designed building might look.

Once again, congratulations all around.

Steve Davis


World of opera

Listening to sopranos such as Maria Callas, Dame Joan Sutherland, Jessye Norman, and our own Leslie Garrett, you would be enthralled and a whole new world would open up to opera.

EB Warris

by email