No sign of a crossing

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Re controlled public crossings (The Star, March 17). This brought to mind the problems the 90 + tenants at Newgate have in trying to cross Greengate Lane to get to the bus stop and shops.

Obviously a sheltered scheme like ours have difficulties, ie the vision- impaired, the motorised scooters etc, plus an infants school nearby with mothers and children trying to cross.

Because of this, we have had a three-page petition go missing and we have had a Speed Indicator Device (SID) in position several times, which means someone somewhere knows what the situation is.

Also, after Amey had completed their road repairs two dropped curbs appeared without any consultation making people think a crossing would appear. Unfortunately, this is not the case. We don’t even have any signage warning of elderly people crossing.

Health and safety seems to have passed by and we assume the old chestnut of, we’ve no money, prevails.

Stan Bradbury

High Green