No protection from falling steel

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PAINTER and decorator Ray Wild says he’s been unable to work for a month after girders fell off a lorry and damaged his car.

Ray, aged 52, says it happened after a Wincro lorry was stolen from the firm’s base on Fife Street, Wincobank, on April 15.

His Passat isn’t driveable and repairs are estimated at £3,000, he claims.

But Ray, who only had third party cover, says he’s had no help either from his insurer Aviva, or Wincro’s insurer QBE.

Ray, of Chapman Street, Wincobank, said: “Girders fell on my car denting one side and smashing windows and lights. I can’t get the doors open. Both firms say they are not liable. Is there anything Action Desk can do?”

AN AVIVA spokesman said Mr Wild had legal cover, but its legal specialist contractors had failed to call him back.

They would now contact him and, if possible, help him make a claim, or apply to the Motor Insurance Bureau which pays compensation to motorists whose vehicles are damaged by an uninsured driver.