No place to hide for loan sharks

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Council officers have joined with the England Illegal Money Team in a bid to tackle loan sharks in Doncaster.

As part of the Neighbourhood Alliance project, residents are being encouraged to contact the Illegal Money team to raise any issue regarding loan sharks and illegal money lending.

Peter Davies, Mayor of Doncaster, said: “This partnership has already proved to be very successful but there are still unscrupulous money lenders out there, who need to be stopped.

“Loan sharks hold too many people in an ever increasing spiral of debt, placing whole communities under their control and influence, causing many to turn to crime to repay their debts. By working with our partners we can ensure these scoundrels will have no place to hide in our town now and in the future.”

Loan Sharks are often heard of via friends and most will start out being friendly but it is only when repayments are missed that their behaviour changes. If payments are not made then they can resort to intimidation, threats or violence and may even take items such as passports, driving licences and bank cards as security. They also often fail to tell the borrower the interest rate, how much they still owe or how long they will be paying back and offer little or no paperwork.

Contact the team via a confidential helpline – 0300 5552222 – or text ‘loan shark’ with your message to 60003 or email