No pay rise for Doncaster councillors

Councillor Martin Williams.
Councillor Martin Williams.
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There will be no pay rise for Doncaster councillors after members agreed to the findings of an independent pay review on Thursday.

Councillors’ allowances were reviewed by the Independent Remuneration Panel because members had decided they should not be exempt from ‘the pain of these times’.

At a full council meeting, 50 councillors voted in favour of the recommendation, and one was against.

Conservative Coun Yvonne Woodcock said: “I don’t see why we should get more money when all the people who work for the council aren’t.”

And Independent Coun Martin Williams added: “This is always a contentious issue. It would be very easy for me to say we should all do it for nothing but in 1999 my late wife and I were running a pretty good pest control business and we gave up a thriving business to do this.”

The pay review is the first since November 2010 and came after members passed a motion by former Mayor Peter Davies to determine whether allowances can be ‘substantially reduced’.

The motion stated: “There have been significant changes in the nation’s financial position since the IRP last met. In light of those changes and the impact now being felt by the council and residents of our area, the panel should be asked to reconvene and review the scheme with a view to determining whether the allowances can now be substantially reduced at the earliest opportunity.”

The review determined the ‘appropriate’ level of remuneration for each role on the council. Members of the Standards Committee are the only ones who will get an allowance reduction.