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To the author of Parking Warning, April 18, 2015.

I have experienced the same situation in Flora Street car park as your previous correspondent and I believe I parked in the same place... it is not at all clear it is a “no parking zone” but my parking charge notice stated “parked in a restricted area in a car park” a different charge?

Be consistent Vehicle Control Services!

In addition mine said “drive off”. I was there for 10 minutes and I certainly didn’t drive off while being issued with this parking charge.

Instead the parking charge notice was received by mail more than two weeks after the incident.

I have appealed but to date I have not had a response.

I feel the Vehicle control services are being over-officious in their approach to parking and if they did see me they would have seen I am an 80-year-old and it was obviously a mistake... it makes you afraid to park there.

Maybe my business in future will be conducted at Tesco where the attitude to parking is more user-friendly.

Aldi, Home Bargains and Iceland you must address this issue, your customers are being frightened off. A simple No Parking sign will suffice.

It would be interesting if Action Desk took up this matter and, in particular, the very poor signage in the car park.

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