No-one takes any notice of the law

I see from The Star, (November 5), that more 20mph zones are to be introduced in Sheffield. What is the point?

Friday, 11th November 2016, 06:46 am
Updated Wednesday, 16th November 2016, 16:23 pm

In your article two women raise the same question.

One describes the zone where she lives as a racetrack and a waste of money.

The other lives near a school and tells us that hardly anyone takes any notice of the speed restrictions and a she also says it is a waste of money.

Lots of other people, over the years, have complained about exactly the same thing in The Star.

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I live in a 20mph zone.

One of the main roads involved runs alongside a school, and I would estimate that the average speed is in excess of 30mph, and some of the lunatics are hurtling along at speeds much higher than this.

You try to drive at 20mph and you take your life in your hands because you get tailgated, honked at, lights flashed, and people try to overtake you when there is traffic coming in the opposite direction.

Do I stick to 20mph? I try to but that means going around the houses and detouring through the minor roads where its quieter, and safer.

However, on the minor roads, which are quite narrow, your life is still at risk. You come to a bend in a road and someone comes hurtling out of a side road completely oblivious to their speed and that there might be someone coming on the other road.

I have also raised this point about the pointless move to put yellow lines around our local school. They have been there for three months now, and it’s like they are invisible.

One wonders what is the council’s misguided view that these speed limits and yellow lines are actually achieving anything? Is there any evidence to back this theory up?

These road schemes are fine if they are monitored and enforced, but if not how do you justify the cost of painting all these lines, putting up road signs, putting in road narrowing islands etc?

It’s the people’s money, your money, and it’s no good moaning about cuts to this, that and the other while condoning money being spent on these seemingly pointless schemes that just get abused.

I did contact my councillor, but three weeks on I’ve heard nothing.

In the same edition of The Star, Jayne Grayson has a letter about a different matter, but her final comment sums it up.

She says: “But on the daily evidence I see, no-one takes any notice of the law.”

Spot on Jayne.