No one has the right to park or drive down pavements

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PJH (letter, December 3) feels sorry for motorists getting a ticket for parking on grass verges on Prince of Wales Road. As a resident on the road, I fully support the council’s action.

Many people have a drive and don’t use them as they can’t be bothered to back out or reverse in, it’s too easy to use the verge and churn it up. If Tarmac was laid in its place it would be a three lane road, which is another matter.

I have resided here for more than 20 years and on a number of occasions had to avoid being run over by vehicles driving down the pavements. These people are delivery drivers, trades people and neighbours several doors away.

It is safer sometimes to cross the duel carriageway than walk on the pavement. Only a week ago, I set off to walk to the bus stop with my wife which is about 100 metres away when a car came towards us and braked hard.

I showed my anger and frustration at the driver who then got out of the car and said “What’s your problem”?

We were both very shaken and my wife and I considered calling the police but without witnesses or evidence they won’t act.

The driver said he was being blocked in but his drive was clear as I checked. I saw several vans and cars drive regularly from Greenwood Road to Mather Road on the pavement, it’s an accident waiting to happen because a lot of children walk it from the two local school’s. I have spoken to the police over the issue and they will not act if no proof is provided.

I have complained to the council and asked for bollards to be erected. They say that not enough funds are available due to government cuts, an its a police matter.

So anyone on the council reading this will you erect some signs then no one can argue they have a right to park or drive down the verge and pavement.

K Tomlinson

Prince of Wales Road, S9