No-one has a clue how to cook food these days

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I fully agree with Jamie Oliver… it’s nothing to do with poverty it’s to do with being uneducated.

Years ago plenty of families were poor, in fact poorer than they are now (no benefit system then) but they cooked food from what little they had.

They knew how to cook and that’s the thing no-one seems to have a clue these days. If you don’t just pour hot water on it or bing it in a microwave then they’ve no idea. You can do egg and chips for six people for £2 but most wouldn’t be able to do that unless they bought a bag of frozen chips.

More people watch cooking on television than ever before but they do it whilst eating a takeaway or instant meal. We were taught domestic science in school and we learnt all the basics of food values, as well as the different ways to cook it and I think it should be taught in schools nowadays, so that at least they have a basic knowledge and skill of food.

Because so many mothers work children don’t get the chance to watch and learn from them and pass the skills. All my children are good cooks and have learnt by watching and taking part in making meals from being small (there’s nothing more children like than baking).

There are plenty of fat people around so I don’t think any of them are starving. If Jamie Oliver doesn’t say it then who will? It’s getting people to listen and take notice that’s the problem.

Shirley Samworth