‘No objections’ from Sheffield council over turbine

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Sheffield Council is set to tell councillors in neighbouring Barnsley that it has no objection to plans for a 79-metre wind turbine.

The tower is set to stand at Sheephouse Farm, Cubley, near Penistone.

Farmer John Darwin, who has made the application, says he intends to use some of the power for his dairy and sell remaining power to the national grid.

The turbine can generate electricity to supply 570 homes and is set to stand for 30 years if approved.

Barnsley Council is currently drawing up reports on the scheme before a decision is made on whether to grant planning permission.

Turbine developments in the Penistone and Stocksbridge area have caused protests among residents unhappy about issues such as noise and the impact on television reception.

But Sheffield Council planning officer John Williamson said: “The scale of the wind turbine is such that, where it will be visible, it will not dominate views, especially from conservation areas where it is felt the setting would not be harmed.

“It would also not significantly impact on the surrounding area and local communities, much of which lies in the greenbelt, as well as the urban area of Stocksbridge.”

Mr Williamson’s report is set to be approved at a meeting of Sheffield Council’s planning board on Tuesday and, if so, would be forwarded to Barnsley Council to consider as part of its planning process.

The single turbine planned for Sheephouse Farm would be much smaller than the 132-metre turbines at Ulley, near Rotherham.

A pervious application for five 125m wind turbines at Sheephouse was refused.