No news is bad news for Sheffield Eagles

Sheffield Eagles' move back to the Steel City still hangs in the balance.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 30th March 2017, 7:28 am
Updated Saturday, 8th April 2017, 9:30 pm

Last week that the club had asked the council for another meeting regarding the progress of their return to Sheffield, but so far Director Mark Aston says his requests have fallen on deaf ears. According to the club, one of the main stalling points is the wait for a green light over land which will house their ‘sponsor’s’ energy business, with investment hanging on the decision.

“I’m still waiting for the relevant people to come back to me which is disappointing,” Aston said. “The dialogue has stopped which is frustrating because the time is getting close to this being imperative that it is sorted out.”

The Star understands that this remains the only likely way the club can secure its long-term future, with no other viable option on the table. Whilst the situation hasn’t reached the critical stage of last year, the club know that their temporary home at Wakefield’s Belle Vue won’t be an option next season with RL authorities calling on Eagles now to set out their plan to return to their home city.

Whilst nothing is certain, if the Eagles cannot satisfy the requirements of the RFL, then there remains a real long term danger that the club could be hit with a penalty at what is a precarious juncture in their existence.

“If we are not back in Sheffield next year then I am not sure what the rugby league will do,” Aston added.

“They have said we can’t play in Wakefield next year, they want to hear about our plans to return to the city. We can’t give them an answer and they need something very shortly. I am not sure people are grasping the importance of the situation. We need to deliver some answers, not in six months, not in one month but in a matter of weeks.

“If we let another investor walk away, then what is the long term future for this club? We have someone ready to take the club forward for the right reasons, which is rugby, it is vital for us.”

On the field the Eagles are set to host London Broncos at Belle Vue this Sunday.