‘No intention to change’ - Sheffield councillor hits out at bus ‘feedback’ email after announcing cuts

Bus timetable and route changes cause chaos for travellers in Sheffield back in November. Picture Dean Atkins
Bus timetable and route changes cause chaos for travellers in Sheffield back in November. Picture Dean Atkins
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Afresh round of cuts and changes to Sheffield’s bus services shows transport chiefs ‘haven’t learned anything’, a city councillor has said.

Ian Auckland, Liberal Democrat councillor for the Graves Park ward, said South Yorkshie Passenger Transport Executive has ‘no intention’ to change its plans, despite asking for views from politicians by email.

“It’s a bit rich for SYTPE to ask for comments and to talk about working together after cuts have been announced.

“Although they are asking for feedback there is absolutely no intention that any of these changes would be reversed.

“Last year’s bus debacle was a direct result of poor consultation and this announcement shows SYTPE and the Bus Partnership haven’t learnt anything.”

Sheffield MP Clive Betts has demanded ‘urgent’ talks with city bus chiefs over the cuts.

Mr Betts expressed anger this week towards the news the X1 service will not serve parts of Tinsley whereas a previous service did.

The Sheffield South East MP claims the changes, coming into force on September 4, will isolate people and cut them off.

SYPTE said they would engage with the community to try to find a solution.

Meanwhile city bus users on social media have hit out at another wave of timetable changes and reduced services.

One said: “How can a public service like this be run by such profit-influenced companies? The SYPTE doesn’t seem to have any influence to legislate the services properly. The bus companies are only interested in maximising profit at the minimum of outlay.

“Patronage reduces on a route, they remove the service and re-route a neighbouring service to pick up the profitable parts, delivering a poorer service for the end user. Again the patronage falls.

“Come on SYPTE, what’s the ideal situation for the future? Not another short-term compromise.”

Magdalenda Blazkowski from Woodhouse said: “It’s annoying but what can you do? I think people will just get fed up of complaining to the companies. It’s the poor drivers who get it in the neck.”

Tiffany Chaplin said ticket prices were too expensive.

“It costs me £2 to get to my GP four stops up the road,” she said.

“It doesn’t cost this to run the car the same distance. This is why people stop using the bus. Lower fares and people will use the bus. Then the companies will make enough to run - but they’re already making profits.”

Richard Bailey said: “Bus companies seem to have already decided what’s going to happen. There’s no point in trying to reason with them, it’s a waste of breath.”

SYPTE declined to comment.