No grounds to refuse Recycoal

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In response to Colin Taylor’s letter in The Star on January 11 I would like to set the record straight.

As an ex-Lib Dem Councillor, Colin Taylor is fully aware of the format of planning meetings with people having three to four minutes each to speak.

They were only interrupted when they kept talking after being asked to round up their comments.

We accept residents’ views and their concerns about health and pollution but we cannot make planning decisions based on these when there are no planning grounds for refusal.

If we had refused the planning application Recycoal would have had grounds for an appeal.

The planning officer’s report requires Recycoal to meet 37 conditions including noise, air quality assessment, delivery times and environmental impacts which we know residents are concerned about.

If we had refused the application and lost an appeal then the Planning Inspector could have insisted on only a small number of conditions are met which may not have given as much protection as our 37 conditions will.

Councillor Peter Rippon, Chair of North & West Planning Board

What a bad experience I had on January 8 watching democracy at work. I refer to the planning application by Recycoal of Hesley Wood tip, Chapeltown.

The local residents who were trying to make their objections were cut off in mid sentence by the chairman, telling them you’ve had your three minutes.

The only councillor, Mr T Bagshaw, who raised some very relevant questions was sidestepped and not answered fully.

The health problems that will arise from this application were totally ignored. The noise dust and pollution problems were ignored. The 5,000+ signature petition was ignored. The people whose opinions matter were ignored.

Mr M Harrison, Cowley Drive, Sheffield S35