No going back from the wrong EU deal

I took note of the reply to my earlier letter and, as you would expect, accept the right of the individual to have an opinion that differs from mine.

I would however like the opportunity to point out that the shambolic negotiations currently being carried out on our behalf will define the future of this country forever and there will be no going back if time shows that it was the wrong thing to do.

The referendum was totally unlike a parliamentary election where we get the chance to change the government every five years if enough votes decide this.So no, I do not propose that every time a vote does not go my way I want it to be run again. I want people to be totally certain that they have made the right decision for maybe not themselves, but possibly for their children and grandchildren. Everyone had their own reasons for voting the way they did and someone’s main reason was maybe not the same as someone else’s, but when they did vote they did not know what they were going to get. When they do actually know would they vote the same way?

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The holding of the referendum in the first place was a total miscalculation on the part of David Cameron who tired of the right wing of the Tory party continually carping about the EU. He thought that by holding a referendum - which they would lose - he would be able to shut them up once and for all. It spectacularly backfired on him with a totally uncoordinated and lacklustre remain campaign and, to the shame of the politicians who ran this campaign, they failed to get the message over.

They totally underestimated the lengths that the Brexiters would go to achieve their ends (the infamous Red Bus springs to mind).

I guess reading the reply from Mr Palmer that he just wants out at any cost and is perfectly happy to accept ANY deal so long as it results in exiting the EU.

Start to analyse the statements like “we are going for the best deal we can get for Britain”.

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The best deal that this particular self promoting gang can get might be an awful deal, but still qualify as “the best they could get”. One thing is certain. Whatever they do get, it will not affect them the same as it will the majority of us. I don’t see how you can ever expect to get the best deal when the people doing the negotiating can’t agree amongst themselves what they actually want to achieve.

Maybe the Tory far right would like a repeal of the laws that ensure that workers have rights like holidays with pay, sick pay , unrestricted working hours etc etc.

In other words a return to the good old days when the workers knew their place and we could make sure we kept them in it.

John Singleton


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