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I am writing to request parking restrictions on Mount View Avenue, Sheffield, S8, particularly 8.45am to 9am and 2.45pm to 3pm. The parents taking and fetching children to and from the school are making it a nightmare to try to drive down this road.

There are double yellow lines at the junction with Derbyshire Lane which are totally ignored and parents frequently park on them. At the other end with the junction of Warminster Road they park fully, with all four wheels on the corner and when you try to pull out onto Warminster Road from Mount View Avenue you cannot see oncoming traffic. Concrete bollards on the corner would stop this.

We have asked the school to mention their parking in the school newsletter but having just seen the newsletter which went out last week and there was still no mention of it. Maybe a traffic warden seen walking about at those times would warn parents. All we ask for is some consideration for the residents.

If ever an emergency vehicle, or even the bin lorry, tried to get down at the times mentioned they would have no chance. We feel something needs doing as the situation is getting worse.

A few years ago we didn’t have this trouble. It seems the parents these days feel the need to drive their kids to school.

They don’t even get the bus which has stops at either end and would be a short walk to the school. These kids get no exercise whatsoever.