No excuses for speeding

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If any more evidence is needed that speed kills then the guilty plea of Naseeb Ellahi should be the final confirmation.

Police said Ellahi had been travelling faster than 60mph on the 30 mph-limit road when he hit 14-year-old Jasmyn Chan and her friend, who had been crossing Normanton Hill, Intake, Sheffield.

Of course it is not just the speed that is vital to good driving, it’s also road conditions, the time of day and the experience of the driver. But speed limits are in place for a reason.

Statistics show that fatalities are far lower from car crashes when the car is moving slower – this is true for pedestrians and for drivers and passengers in the vehicle.

The loss of a beautiful young girl like Jasmyn has no happy ending. However, it does have some salient facts. A petition signed by more than 12,000 people called for road safety improvements at the spot where she lost her life.

The road safety campaign prompted Sheffield Council to promise to invest in improvements which will include a pedestrian crossing close to the scene of the crash – known as Jazzy’s Crossing.

It shouldn’t have taken this for people to learn to slow down. But the next time you put your foot on the gas, think of Jasmyn.