‘No choice’ over report of noise

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A MAN accused of putting abandoned dogs at risk by complaining about noise from their animal sanctuary says their barking is ruining his life.

Bryan Longstone-Hull, aged 73, of Mayfield Road, Fulwood, Sheffield, lives next door to Mill House Animal Sanctuary – which he reported for the noise generated by dogs in its care.

Sheffield Council monitored the noise, assessed it as ‘excessive’, and issued sanctuary owners – twin sisters Pat and Jane Hartley, 70 – with a noise abatement order. They claim the dogs may now have to be destroyed.

But Mr Longstone-Hull, who has nine animals of his own and has lived in his home for decades, said: “The noise has gradually got worse. The sisters claim they may have to put the dogs down, but Pat has a farm in Penistone she could take them to.”

Describing himself as an animal lover, Mr Longstone-Hull said he felt he had no option, as constant barking is making him a prisoner in his own home.

He said: “They say they have 17 dogs, but at times there have been 30. Can you imagine the noise they make day in day out, how you don’t get any sleep when it goes on all through the night?

“I approached the women but nothing was done which is why I had to report it to the council, and they monitored it for 10 days and described it as excessive.

“There was one dog howling continually from 5pm until 2am, then from 3am to 6am.”