No change to allowing bikes on Sheffield trams - despite success in Edinburgh

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Sheffield’s tram operator said it will continue to ‘review’ the idea of allowing standard bikes on trams but has no current plans to do so - after a trial in Edinburgh was rolled out.

Bikes are to be allowed on board Edinburgh Trams on a permanent basis after a two-month pilot out of peak hours was hailed a success - although it will be subject to some restrictions.

In Sheffield only folding bikes can be taken on trams, which is a barrier to many people cycling due to the city’s hilly geography.

However Stagecoach Supertram says the carriage of bikes could lead to ‘access issues’ and safety concerns outnumber the benefits.

A spokesman added: “We have a responsibility to allow people with both prams and wheelchairs on our trams, As there is a limited amount of space on board and access is through a number of different doors, we believe the carriage of bikes could result in potential accessibility issues for our other customers.

“The carriage of bikes has been under review for a number of years and this will continue.

“But at this moment in time we believe the safety concerns associated with carrying bikes on board are far greater than allowing a small proportion of people to use their bikes.

“We will continue to allow bikes if they are folded up.”

During Edinburgh’s trial an average of 12 bikes a day were carried by tram and it will become the first light rail network in the UK to welcome bikes on board permanently.

In Sheffield there are 48 tram stops, where there are 15 in Edinburgh.

Stagecoach says there is currently no way of securing a bike on a Supertram vehicle and it carries 11.5 million passengers a year, when Edinburgh transports 4.92 million passengers.