No bus available to attend the meeting

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For many years now, I and many others have noticed the number of 52 buses that follow each other around the city, many of them empty.

I am told there is more than one operator running this route. Would it be too difficult a task for the organisers of SYPTE to run one of these operators on the 252 route?

Having attended a meeting at Marsh Lane last month, it was disappointing that there were no representatives from SYPTE to answer questions. The people living in these Derbyshire villages i.e. Ridgeway, Marsh Lane, Ford etc. have to come into Sheffield to attend hospitals, doctors and shop. Also the residents at the top end of Gleadless Road, Toll Bar, Ashfield, Greenacres and part of Gleadless Valley estate will have the same problem if the 252 is stopped.

Many people would like to have attended this meeting but there was no bus to get them there.

Joan Moody