‘No action’ on clairvoyancy event protest

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TOWN councillors have rejected a plea to ban any future fundraising clairvoyancy evenings.

Christians had objected after a clairvoyancy event was held in Dronfield which raised £280 for the town mayor’s charity.

More than a dozen people signed the protest letter from Kath Tune, a member of St Andrew’s Ecumenical Church.

Mrs Tune said: “Clairvoyance is in fact an occult and as such can be dangerous and I hope we will not see any more such events taking place on the council’s behalf.”

The letter was discussed at a town council meeting.

Councillors agreed to ‘note’ the contents but to take no further action.

A poster advertising another clairvoyancy evening for a local charity is now on display at the civic hall, the meeting was told.

In her letter to the town council, Mrs Tune said the clairvoyancy evening was offensive to Christians in the town and that such events prey on vulnerable people.

After the meeting the Mayor of Dronfield, Coun Doug Oxspring, said he did not wish to comment further.