Night in cell for debt collector

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A Doncaster woman’s patio had an unwanted makeover when a frustrated debt collector sloshed paint all over it.

Marie Brewster was left to scrub off the white and mint coloured emulsion which was spread over the French windows, decking, a drainpipe, and garden furniture at her home in Hyde Park.

The incident led to a night in the cells and a court appearance for Romanian immigrant Mihaly Horvath, who pleaded guilty to criminal damage when he appeared before Doncaster magistrates.

Prosecutor David Sheppard said Mrs Brewster and her two children were in bed at their home in Chequer Avenue when she heard banging on the front door.

She found 21-year-old Horvath in an aggressive mood, saying he was there to collect unpaid rent for a previous property.

Mr Sheppard said she accepted being in arrears but disputed the defendant’s claim that she owed £1,800.

Because he was refusing to leave, she called police, but when she looked out of a window she could see two cans of paint in his hands.

“He emptied the contents of the cans of paint over the decking, patio doors and the garden furniture,” Mr Sheppard said.

After his arrest, Horvath insisted he had not been aggressive - and things had been thrown at him.

Defence solicitor Nigel Misson said Horvath had been brought up in the USA but since coming to this country was unable to draw benefits so lived on the charity of others.

Horvath, of no fixed address, was fined £60, £85 prosecution costs and a £20 victim surcharge.