Nick Clegg on the conference

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It was fantastic to welcome so many Lib Dems to Sheffield for our Spring Conference. It put the city in the spotlight and Sheffield did not disappoint – showcasing the very best of our great city.

I am aware that many Sheffielders endured some disruption through difficulty in getting around the city centre and some were put off popping to the shops, particularly on Saturday. I hope people were not too greatly inconvenienced.

Nobody wants to see our city centre under such tight security but I must pay tribute to the police for the great work they did in facilitating peaceful protest while minimising disturbance to people going about their daily business. The policing operation can be only seen as a complete success.

I’d also like to pay tribute to the City Hall staff and everyone in the hotels, restaurants and shops who looked after our delegates. But mainly I’d like to thank the people of Sheffield for welcoming the Lib Dems to our city.

Overall, I thought the conference was a great advert for our city. Lots of people, many of whom had never visited Sheffield, told me they were impressed. I hope many return. I also hope the conference is the first of many major events to come to Sheffield. We have some of the best facilities in the country to attract conferences of all types. Sheffield showed that it is open for business.

Nick Clegg, Sheffield Hallam MP

Interesting that you should use the term ‘trouble-makers’ to refer to us who demonstrated at Top Shop, Boots and NatWest bank on Saturday, March 14. The real trouble-makers are the corporations who avoid massive tax bills, the financial institutions who came close to ruining the country and the Conservatives and Lib Dems who are trying to pass the bill on to working class people.

Douglas Bell, Glencoe Road, S2

the police underwater search team checked all the city centre gulliess prior to the Lib-Dem conference. The protesters were council and NHS employees and trade unionists, not terrorists. I am partially disabled and aged 90. It was very inconvenient.

Disgusted Ratepayer