Nick Clegg makes the cuts – how can he be outraged?

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Nick Clegg’s article about gritting made me think back to four years ago when we were both standing in the 2010 election as candidates for Sheffield Hallam.

We spoke about the prospect of a Tory Government imposing devastating cuts on our city and campaigned against this together.

Sheffield City Council is now into our fourth year of unprecedented cuts by Nick Clegg and his Government.

So far we have been cut by £238 million and by next year we will have lost half of our government funding. There is still millions to come.

This is at the same time that Nick Clegg has protected some of the wealthiest areas of the country in the South, some of whom are receiving next to no cuts.

The proposals we have brought forward will reduce the amount we spend on gritting by £100,000.

Following these changes we will still provide an effective Winter Maintenance Service that reaches the vast majority of people within the city. No areas will be cut off.

But let me be clear, making cuts to gritting is not something we want to do and we would not be doing this if we had an alternative.

When we are facing the level of cuts that Nick Clegg is imposing on us, there is not a service in the council that is being protected, except child safeguarding.

For Nick Clegg to make these cuts to Sheffield and then pretend to be outraged about their consequences is one of the most cynical and hypocritical political acts I have ever witnessed, which the people of Sheffield will see straight through.

Nick Clegg is responsible for putting Sheffield in this position and it’s ridiculous that now he’s trying to score points by pretending he’s opposed to his own cuts.

If Nick Clegg genuinely cared about stopping these changes to gritting he is the only person in the city who could give us the funding we need.

Coun Jack Scott

Cabinet Member for Environment, Recycling & Streetscene