NHS staff are second to none

I am an old age pensioner in my mid 80s with cancer, heart trouble and osteoarthritis, but still try my best to keep fit, with swimming and flexibility exercises.

After a light tea one Thursday evening, I felt very sick, breathless, could not move and started losing consciousness. My wife was extremely worried and rang 999, also Karen our sister in law, (thinking she was ringing our daughter, as she was distressed), the ambulance and Karen were here within 20 minutes and I was quickly admitted to the Northern General hospital, all wired up, presumably to keep my heart and lungs functioning.

The AMU ward was extremely busy at the Nothern General and the police were present, calming down a young lady, charging up and down swearing profusely.

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The point I wish to emphasise is that the ambulance crew, Sam and Hohn, the NGH doctors, nurses and staff, took this all in their stride, treated me, found me a bed, welcomed all my family visiting me and I was back home late Friday evening.

They were all second to none and I can’t praise them enough, that also includes my local surgery at Mill Road, Ecclesfield, Dr Oliver and his staff.

Les Bates

A very grateful patient

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