NHS now in crisis

Jeremy CorbynJeremy Corbyn
Jeremy Corbyn
It is claimed that the NHS is now in crisis. This is not the fault of front line staff or underfunding.

It is in the main caused by successive governments allowing uncontrolled mass immigration over many years. What did they expect?

Jeremy thinks that it is still OK.

Then we have foreign heath tourists and pregnant women coming for treatment costing £2 billion a year with very little claimed back.

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Only last week we were told that a family in Sheffield had made over 2,000 emergency ambulance calls.

What is that all about?

Why is it not stopped?

They are putting genuine callers at risk.

GP surgeries report that there are as many as 150 missed appointments a week. Why is that?

And don’t mention the Ethiopian Spice girls and their £12m grant.

J Bunting