NHS in crisis

For months now we've heard that the NHS is in crisis, (hasn't it always been the case for the past few decades), as it's not meeting it's targets for seeing A&E patients in the required time frame.

Friday, 15th December 2017, 5:51 am
Updated Friday, 15th December 2017, 5:55 am

Yes by all means throw more money at it and those of us who do pay taxes, I’m sure wouldn’t begrudge paying an extra 1p, if it were to go to dedicated, front line services and not paying for additional ‘suits’ sat in a back office, playing with spreadsheets.

However, one factor that never seems to get mentioned when patient numbers versus NHS resources is mentioned is that back in 1948 when the NHS was started the UK population was 50.2 million. When the NHS targets were introduced in 2004 it was 59.9 million.

Since 2004 until the present day, recognised net immigration has added, year on year, 250,000 additional people to the uk, to an increasing ageing population. The latest figures from the Office of National Statistics for 2017 put the population at 65.6 million, rising to between 67.5 to 70 million by 2020.

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I can only speak of a few attendances at the Hallamshire and Northern General hospitals over the past couple of years but while I’ve had to sit and wait for treatment, when I received it, it was first class. Maybe it’s time politicians stopped playing politics with the NHS and got together in an all party group to sort out a long term solution but as we have a substantial increase in the population over the last decade, maybe it’s about time the waiting times were readjusted and we accept a longer wait?

James Fenner

by email

I have no interest

The woman who runs Bet 365 is getting stick for making millions and millions out of her gambling sites.

People are saying she’s inflicting misery on people that are addicted to gambling.

I have no interest in betting, a couple of quid on the National once in a while, last of the big spenders me.

It must be terrible to be a gambler and not being able to stop but it’s hardly this ladies fault if someone wants to have a flutter.

What’s it to do, close the bookies down, will that help?

I remember reading an article about Mel Smith, sadly he’s no longer with us, but he said his addiction was so bad he would gamble on which rain drop came down the window pane first.

Maybe sometimes we have to take responsibilty for our own actions.

I love crisps, the big bags, I could eat crisps all day, every day, but I have to stop myself as I will get fat, that’s up to me to say no, I have to be responsible for myself.

Would all this mud slinging this lady is recieving have been directed at a man if he had been making all these millions? I feel not.

Jayne Grayson

by email

Fitzalan Square

Plans for the redevelopment of Fitzalan Square may look good but there is a massive problem.

They intend to fell the last four mature trees in the city centre.

Fitzalan Square suffers from poor air quality due to traffic pollution. The London plane trees are particularly effective at removing pollutants from traffic-heavy areas like this.

Councillors keep discussing air pollution then propose cutting down our mature trees which are the one thing that protects us from it.

The trees are one of the few things of beauty in a Square currently noted for its betting shops, litter and intrusive advertising boards.

The trees provide bio-diversity to the square including birds and insects which would be lost despite the planting of new saplings.

The Tree Condition survey, written by the Council’s tree manager, states “Removal of these four trees will have a significant impact on the immediate area. The city centre has the lowest percentage tree cover in Sheffield and there are relatively few large trees within the area. Visually, the trees provide a natural living feature that helps to soften the harsh lines of the existing built environment. The trees play an important role in trapping and removing pollutants from the surrounding air as well as providing dappled shade for users of the square. The canopies also help to break up wind movement that may otherwise funnel between the buildings. All four trees are well established with a significant potential longevity. All are considered to be in their prime.”

Paving problems could be solved using flexi-pave.

The Council should listen to its tree officer and modify the plans for the Square in order to keep the trees.

Please sign the petition at https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/save-the-fitzalan-square-plane-trees

Graham Wroe

Glencoe Road, Sheffield, S2

Rainbow Trust

With Christmas just around the corner, I’m feeling particularly excited as this will be my first Christmas as a dad.

My daughter may still be tiny, but I’m looking forward to starting those festive family traditions that I have such fond memories of growing up with myself.

As a new dad, I’m utterly thankful that my daughter is healthy and happy. It makes me appreciate just how unbearable it must be to see your child become seriously ill, particularly at Christmas.

I support a wonderful charity called Rainbow Trust Children’s Charity which provides support to families with a seriously ill child.

Rainbow Trust matches these families with a dedicated Family Support Worker who helps them emotionally and practically to make life a little easier and enjoy precious time together as a family.

If you have a moment, please visit rainbowtrust.org.uk/the-greatest-gift to find out how this incredible charity will be supporting over 2,000 families this Christmas.

There is also a wonderful Christmas animation to enjoy and an opportunity to donate, if you are able to spare some change. Thank you for your support.

Rupert Young


Things have changed

I have been a Wednesdayite since I was 10-year-old, that’s 57 years. I went to the Cup final in 1966 and have been to all the other Cup matches plus hundreds of league games.

My point today is to say how things have changed in the early days when players put the shirt on with pride, i.e. Don Megson, Ron Sprigett, Johnny Fantham and their wages were not obscene like today. Watching the Owls play nowadays it’s heartbreaking, after watching the match against Norwich Saturday night that will be my last match until they sack Carlos C. I’ve been a season ticket holder for years now and I’m not forking out that much money again to watch the rubbish he is turning out, so I urge all Owls fans tonight against Wolves to show their feelings and put their mobile lights on at 9.20pm and walk out of the stadium in protest to Mr Chansiri to do the right thing.

C Turton

Eckington Owl

Who knows?

Why in Birmingham do people say “your jumper’s outside in” and we say “your jumper’s inside out”? Strange!

The Festive Green Giant

by email