Nextdoor connects city’s residents

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A private social networking app for neighbourhoods has seen a huge take-up in Sheffield, since launching in the region.

Nextdoor is already being used by hundreds of people in places like Hillsborough, Owlerton and Nether Edge to find lost pets and organise community events.

The app, which only became available for download in September, connects users of the app living in close proximity to each other, who can use it to communicate on all kinds of local issues. So far, the platform has seen lost pets reunited with their owners, DIY equipment loaned between neighbours, street events organised and crime and safety alerts exchanged. The app also saw a huge boost over Halloween, with residents able to display sweet icons if they were happy to answer the door to trick-or-treaters. The free ‘Facebook for neighbourhoods’ app has also helped people start fitness and book clubs, make local recommendations and meet new friends.

Richard Stubbs, of Netherdge, said: “I’ve sent hundreds of personalised postcards to my neighbours to encourage them to join. I’ve lived in the area for over ten years and I know what a difference it makes if you have a bit of a community network. Nextdoor gives people the chance to really tap into their community.”

Rob Bloor, of Hillsborough, said: “It’s early days but this app has been really useful for local residents. Many of them have posted to the news feed asking for recommendations for roofers or plumbers, or to buy and sell items, as well as address everyday issues like dog fouling and the lack of blue bins in the area. It’s also facilitated face-to-face meetings that otherwise have happened.”