Next plan of action to dump it

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HAVING recently bought a new flat screen television, we now have a very old, rather large analogue TV set.

It is in perfect working order but we need to dispose of it.

Charities are just not interested so I contacted the council recycling department who told me that if I was a council tenant, it would be removed free of charge. But because we live in a private property and pay council tax, we have to pay £39. Alternatively we could take it to the nearest recycling point.

As we are septuagenarians and only have a small car, it is too large and heavy an item to handle.

Our next plan of action is to drag it to the nearest woodland and dump it or smash it up and put it in a black bin as I am not prepared to pay £39.

If anyone on the council has any other ideas, they would be very welcome.

Joan Moody

Seeing wood for the trees

My old dad said some people can’t see the wood for the trees. On receiving the letter from our council leader these words have turned out to be true. Let’s lower the red flag and take off our rose-tinted spectacles. Councillors have clearly abdicated their responsibilities. I suggest all allowances and perks be withdrawn and the work done on a voluntary basis.

Perhaps it might be prudent to approach people with a proven track record (Sir Alan Sugar or Sir Richard Branson)? Or may I humbly suggest we send the mayoral car to Hillsborough and offer Milan Mandaric the post of elected mayor?

The millstone debt of the Student Games would disappear, fines owing to the city would be paid, all empty council properties sold at a profit and the Moor Partnership dissolved and this proud city will prosper.

Patrick, Handsworth